Hemp Oil for Sleep Aid 250 mg

  • FALL ASLEEP FASTER & SLEEP BETTER - Our hemp oil for sleep has anti-inflammatory effects on our bodies which may help relieve stress and tension in the muscles, which in turn may relax your body. This natural hemp oil for sleep can promote better sleep patterns and provide you with a good night's rest while reducing overall tension in your body.


  • 100% ORGANIC HEMP SEED OIL: Nutriana’s Hemp Seed Oil is certified organic in Europe and grown on a farm in the Netherlands where hemp has been cultivated for centuries. Unlike hemp grown in the USA, in the Netherlands they are able to keep the contaminants and pesticides nearly nonexistent.


  • INTERACTING WITH RECEPTORS: Receptors are proteins attached to cells that receive signals from various stimuli and help your cells respond. Our hemp oil for pain relief helps communicate with the receptors in your brain and your immune system to help support pain relief and anti-inflammation.


  • ANXIETY & STRESS RELIEF: Our natural hemp oil has shown to help reduce anxiety and stress. We also infused our hemp oil for anxiety with natural peppermint flavor to make it easy to take daily. Our hemp oil for sleep also promotes a peaceful sleep and better mood. Place 30 drops under your tongue or in a beverage once to twice a day.


  • REGENERATION OF NEURONS: Taking our natural hemp oil for anxiety can also help in the regeneration of neurons in the hippocampus, which is the part of the brain responsible for cognition and memory. This part of the brain is usually smaller for those who are suffering from anxiety.


  • HEALTHY SKIN: We believe healthy skin starts from within and our pure hemp oil is packed with essential nutrients including omega-6s and omega-3s, terpenes and proteins. In addition, Nutriana’s hemp oil contains potent antioxidants which helps protect your body from free radical damage.


  • A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST: We believe we have the best hemp oil on the market. We love empowering people to live enriched, happy and healthy lives by providing products we are proud of.

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