Vitamin K2 with D3 5000 IU Supplement

  • THE DYNAMIC DUO: By taking vitamin K2 or vitamin D3 on its own is no match for the benefits you get by taking them together. Vitamin K2 and D3 together maximizes the benefits of heart health, bone health, muscle functions, immune support and mood support.


  • WHY CALCIUM: Calcium provides structure and hardness to bones and teeth. It also supports muscle function by contracting and sending signals to nerves, which in turn supports proper heart function.


  • HEART HEALTH: Vitamin K deficiency creates calcium build-up in the heart arteries. Our K2+D3 may help prevent this build up since Vitamin K2 plays an important role in supporting heart health.


  • BONE HEALTH: Bones become brittle and break more easily when you lack Vitamin D. Taking our organic K2+D3 may provide the Vitamin D supplement you need without experiencing the heat of the sun.


  • MUSCLE FUNCTION: Vitamin D’s anti-inflammatory properties and enough K2 vitamin supplement allows muscles to contract and nerves to send signals, and therefore helps promote a healthy muscle function.


  • WHY TAKE BOTH: Taking both Vitamins D and K at the same time may be more effective than taking either vitamin separately because Vitamin K2 maximizes the benefits of Vitamin D3.


  • A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST: We love empowering people to live enriched, happy and healthy lives by providing products we are proud of that are derived from nature and reinforced by science and research.

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