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Electrolyte Powder


Are you looking for an electrolyte powder, that tastes amazing? Look no further than Nutriana’s ultimate Electrolyte Powder in Raspberry Lemonade! Its delicious raspberry lemonade flavor make you forget that it is sugar free. All while providing you with the key nutrients and electrolytes. No need to be afraid of getting cramps because this powerful electrolyte supplement boasts 500mg of potassium, which is very important in muscle recovery and preventing muscle cramps. With every sip, you are giving yourself energy and endurance to get through your busy and active day.

Combine Replenishing Electrolytes

and Essential Trace Minerals

you get Perfect Hydration

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Electrolyte Powder


I play intense sports and sweat profusely. I usually drink Gatorade but the high sugar content turns me off and hence my quest for a non-sugar great tasting electrolyte powder. I reviewed many electrolyte powders and I chose Nutriana because of the following reasons: It has no sugar, low sodium content. It has one of the highest potassium and magnesium contents per serving. Great tasting.

Yeelong L.

Low BP and chronic dehydration here in the desert put the wife in the hospital with ischemic colitis. She is required to drink lots of water which washes out her electrolytes. This works well, quick delivery and reasonable price through Amazon and is a new daily requirement. Update note: You might want to use a shaker cup with the wire ball to mix the product. In cold water it clumps badly but just a few shakes with in the shaker cup and it’s totally dissolved.


The product didn’t immediately dissolve like other electrolyte powders but the “suggested use” said to let it sit for a few minutes for the powder to completely dissolve. It took maybe 2 minutes max to dissolve. The flavor is subtle and not at all intensely sweet like other powders. Certified Vegan, Non GMO and gluten free with no sugar and no artificial ingredients. Looks like I found my new go-to electrolyte powder.

Melissa W.

I follow a ketogenic diet and supplement with sodium, potassium, and magnesium. I use Sole water for the sodium and add 1Tablespoon Sole water into a 32 oz water bottle and drink this several times a day. I was looking for something that would provide a flavor to cover up the salt water and purchased this product. I used one scoop in the bottle with the salt water and it tasted good! This electrolyte product also provides a large amount of the potassium I need on a ketogenic diet. I will be buying this again. Great value


This is my 2nd purchase of Keto electrolyte powder in raspberry lemonade flavor. Yes, it's that good. The natural flavor tastes just like the real thing. NOTHING ARTIFICIAL in the ingredients. Plenty of potassium and magnesium, and NO SUGAR. The powder takes a good stirring, but it dissolves in cold water. I like to keep some premixed bottles in the freezer, and handy as needed. EXCELLENT FOR ELECTROLYTE IMBALANCE.