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Superfruit Gummies


You were made to shine, so let nature do its job and show the world what you’re made of! Nutriana’s Superfruit Gummies are made with powerful natural ingredients like Japanese knotweed, grape seed, and Amla fruit, that contain collagen boosting properties to help enhance your skin and hair growth so you can wake up feeling beautiful everyday. With 3x more active ingredients and 2x more of our superfruits blend than leading brands, our vegan collagen gummies ensure you look and feel your best! Plus, they’re super yummy.

Over 3x more active ingredients than leading brands

3x more Biotin
3x More Folate
3x More Pantothenic Acid

Our customers love this product!

These are truly delicious! If you have a hard time taking vitamins look no further. The only problem is stopping at the recommended dose... Lol. These might be my most favorite vitamins ever!!


I have noticed as I age (I am just turning 60) that my skin on my neck and arms has become thinner and sort of crinkly/crepey. I have tried a few other biotin or collagen products with limited or no success- but I am pleased to say that with only about three fourths of the bottle gone, I am seeing a difference with Nutriana Superfruit gummies! My skin feels firmer and looks smoother. And they actually taste good. So many gummy products are just plain yucky, but these have a pleasant fruit flavor. I will definitely be ordering more!!

Lorrianne M.

The superfruit gummies are an amazing product. They taste delicious and are a healthy supplement as an added bonus. All of this company’s products are high quality and natural which is very important to me. The value is also very good as compared to many of the brands that are advertised on tv. I highly recommend this wonderful nutritional supplement!

Brett D.

Love the ingredients & that the gummies don’t stick together in one giant clump (like some OTHER ones). Great taste too!

Angie O.

I love that these gummies taste good with the tart and fruity flavor, but are not too sweet. They also contain Vitamin A, C, and E, which I’m not getting anywhere else, plus the superfruit complex is amazing! The heart shape is super cute and makes me smile too.